Pipe by Stephen Rennicks

“When we get to see all things in relation to survival and profit as we do, then the shapes and scratches on the floor  cease to have magic and most things in fact cease to have magic. So therefore in nature once we have ceased to see magic in the world anymore we are no longer fulfilling natures  game of being aware of itself, there’s no point in it anymore and so we die.” -Alan Watts

Notes from the Zone: Conclusions

It’s very difficult for me or anyone to come to any definitive conclusions about the Zone but from what I have learnt about it I can make a few subjective ones. If you have read all of my other Notes from the Zone so far you will be aware that it is possible to enter the Zone and experience nothing out of the ordinary. I believe it, like anywhere, acts as a mirror and projects back to us whatever we want it to, where ultimately we can only find a reflection of ourselves. However this in and of itself of course does not distinguish the Zone from any place else.

As I have shown it has an ancient past but if we were not aware of this I don’t believe its history would have any impact on our experience there. If someone tells you a house is haunted and you visit it, you have an expectation of seeing a ghost and this changes how you will experience your time there compared to someone who doesn’t know this, unless you don’t believe in ghosts. Our expectations colour our experience and this is a huge factor that comes into play when we knowingly enter the Zone. Secret or occult knowledge, true or otherwise, has the potential to change utterly the way we view a space.

Coincidence and meaningful coincidence are very close and impossible to distinguish. So the cases of synchronicity or serendipity I experienced after being there (also before I even entered) are not reliable examples to prove this as an effect of being in the Zone. Also the fact that things from my life previous to entering the Zone appeared to fit so well into place in relation to this project is also open to speculation for the same reason.

I feel that the Zone acts very much like an experiment in quantum physics does, when a particle appears to act like it ‘knows’ it is being observed and appears to change behaviour according. In relation to this it’s worth remembering that often the seemingly impossible (luck) can happen to us when we know that no one is observing us and often at the most unlikely of times and places and can never be repeated in the same way. Perhaps the Zone might be a region of the cosmos where the Universe itself can look back at itself in some way. Like as if we could see our own face with our own eyes and not in its reflection in a mirror or on a screen. Why would it need to do this? Perhaps it has the same doubts we have and needs to check from time to time if it is real and not a dream or hallucination. Maybe the Zone was even a failure in this to some degree as the Universe might be attempting the impossible as we instinctively do ourselves. The Zone appears to be intelligent, concious and alive in some way and it might well want to interact with other intelligences from time to time as we all do.

In many ways the Zone could be anywhere, with whatever we think happens there really just occurring in our imaginations but for some reason we need the ritual of being there to make it happen. Ritual of course is a big part of why magic works, magicians need to convince themselves that all of their precise efforts in casting a spell will be rewarded with success. If it doesn’t work they try again until it does or not but maybe by then what they had desired has already happened quite naturally. If magic is real it must be a part of nature, just a part we don’t yet understand. If someone is told repeatedly that something which they already know from experience to be true is not true, this could only strengthen your convictions, which could be the case with believers in the Zone.

Perhaps the Zone, like religion or money, has just become one more thing that we feel needs to exist between ourselves and whatever it is we want or desire? Another man-made invention that can either get in the way of what we want, give it to us or promise to liberate us from it. The Blank Does Not Exist.

We can often miss the miraculous in the everyday, especially in such an unpromising and abandoned place as this. We tend to live on the surface of things but with a little insight, concentration and imagination, anywhere, even the most unlikely of places, can become revealed to us again in new and very surprising ways. I feel we need the possibility of places such as this to exist, places in which to dream, ramble and muse, where the usual laws that limit the poetic imagination do not apply.

For now the Zone is a largely unknown separate entity, cut off from our everyday experience in a very light and illusory manner. We are told not to enter as it does not exist, the day will inevitably come when we do enter and discover what is really there. After all this time will we even be able to recognise or understand what we might find there?


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