Railway by Stephen Rennicks

Notes from the Zone: Railway

“The notion of an Eternal Now is not new in Ireland. It shares space with material reality. Within that universe co-exist the mundane and what the Irish call the other world. Coming to grips with the other world presents us with several choices. We can ignore it, deny it, accept it or apologise about it.” – David Stang, Emerald Spirit: A Journey Into The Irish Heart & Soul

There are the curious remains of a railway line inside and close to an edge of the Zone.  It has become quite overgrown in some places and not in others. The tracks outside its border have long been removed so that both ends run into nothing. This alone indicates there is something unusual going on here. It’s said that anything left here for a long time (these rails all have the year 1952 stamped in the metal) are no longer safe to remove.

With this in mind as I am also a bee-keeper I recognized a wild hive of native bees in the Zone, in the hollow of a rotting dead tree not far from these same tracks. I wonder what special properties this honey might have!



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