Secret Society the zone does not exist cover by Stephen RennicksNotes from the Zone: Soundtrack

I haven’t done any music under the name Secret Society since 2006 but after being in the Zone I felt compelled to make a type of soundtrack for it under this name. I also wanted to leave a copy there to see if anything out of the ordinary might happen to it after a few months. I also like to think of it as a tribute to the haunting electronic music score for Stalker by Eduard Artemyev.

I kept the Zone and how I’d felt there in mind as I made the music and finished it in December 2013, when I hid a finished copy on CDR inside the factory. It was about three months later, when I was close to going public with the project, that I went back to retrieve it. I did not want to listen to the music again before that so deleted the files from my computer so I would forget what it sounded like. When I did hear it again it did sound different to how I remembered so perhaps a few molecules and notes did get moved around in that time or maybe not. I used that CDR as the master for the release which you can hear and download at this link.


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