Tower by Stephen RennicksNotes from the Zone: Introduction

Somewhere in the northwest of Ireland is a Zone where strange and supernatural things are said to occur. It has been claimed to be the site of an ancient mystery centre, an eternal fount of poetic inspiration, a place where hearts can be opened, miracles can happen and even dreams can come true. Above all it is increasingly seen as a place of real hope, potentially for the whole planet.

Today a long abandoned industrial plant can be found at its heart, surrounded by fencing and security cameras; with any such fantastical claims about it quickly dismissed as nonsense. The more its existence has been denied and derided the more powerful and exaggerated the belief in its reality has become.

This is the web version of an art project by Stephen Rennicks to enter, document, research and artistically respond to the Zone. Each page has moreĀ Notes from the Zone which build to tell its story. Please get in contact if you would be interested in exhibiting work from this project.


A new video piece, Journey To An Unknowable Place (2015), from this project was included in the group show, Psychic Lighthouse, at The Model, Sligo in the summer of 2015. The other artists were Clodagh Emoe, Joachim Koester, Maria Loboda, Goshka Macuga, Susan MacWilliam and Deirdre McKenna. The show was curated by Emer McGarry.